The Power of 12 Short Stories | Building your Author Platform

The Power of 12 Short Stories | Building your Author Platform is an introductory post for the Prompt to Publication series.

Since 12 Short Stories started in 2017 we’ve seen many of our writers go on to publish and accomplish great things with their writing. I hope these emails will inspire you, help you and teach you how to use 12 Short Stories to build your author platform. When you take part in 12 Short Stories you end up with so much more than just 12 short stories and I am so proud of the writers who have participated and have put their hard work to good use.

Welcome to the Prompt to Publication series. These posts are all about celebrating our writers and their wonderful stories and hopefully inspired you to build your author platform using the Power of 12 Short Stories.

Amazing things happen when you combine short stories, discipline and deadlines.

A question I am often asked when it comes to 12 Short Stories is what do I win? Well, besides your awesome #12/12 #bragging rights and the snazzy personalised badge you start to build an author platform.

Writers Write is a writing treasure trove and you will find the answer to any and all writing questions. 12 Short Stories is where you put that theory into practice.

What can you do with your 12 Short Stories?

  • Some of our writers have gone one to publish an anthology of their work. Others have written and published novellas by writing their stories as a series over a year and others have gone on to turn a short story into a novel.
  • But that is not all, on 12 Short Stories you learn to give and receive feedback. The quality feedback that is given and received helps to improve your writing. This is invaluable for any writer.
  • The word count and the added challenge of reaching the exact number of words every month will teach you to evaluate and re-evaluate every word.

I hope you enjoy the Prompt to Publish series and the at you are inspired by all about the success our writers have enjoyed. Ready to build your author platform?

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