The Keep Writing Challenge

Turn your worries into words with The Keep Writing Challenge

One prompt per day coming your way. 

The world is on its head and we’re all staying indoors as much as possible. Keeping busy helps me get through the long days and helps me deal with the worries. So, I’ve decided to keep busy by starting a new flash fiction writing challenge.

Let’s write about it.

The challenge is free. Every day I will post a prompt on at 8am(GMT+02:00). You will have 24 hours to post your flash fiction submission. Once the new prompt goes up, the previous prompt is closed. They will all be flash fiction, meaning under 1000 words. The rules remain the same:

  1. Post on
  2. Post one, comment on four.
  3. Be kind.
  4. Post in the correct timeframe/window. If you’ve missed the prompt/deadline, you’ve missed it.
  5. Stick to the correct word count.
  6. English only, please. Sorry, I just don’t have the manpower for more languages.
  7. Read the FAQs and How It Works
  8. Read the Website Tips and Tricks Post.
  9. You post on the website at your own risk.
  10. There will be no badges for The Keep Writing Challenge.

Please follow the instructions below.

Existing members:
This is an additional challenge. You still have to keep up with the 12 Short Stories and/or 12 Poems Challenge if you are participating.

  1. Login
  2. Select Account.
  3. Show all membership levels
  4. Add Level 6: Keep Writing Challenge
  5. Read the FAQs and How It Works
  6. Read the Website Tips and Tricks Post.

New members:

  1. Read the FAQs and How It Works
  2. Register for Level 6: Keep Writing Challenge. You are welcome to add any other levels as well.
  3. Write and submit your story. Please follow the instructions. Read the Website Tips and Tricks Post.
  4. Read and comment on four other submissions.
  5. Be kind.

This challenge will continue until 14 April 2020. I will re-evaluate the dates as the situation develops.