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ORIGINAL POST: Hello Writers

I want to share something with you that I have been mulling over for a while. 12 Short Stories is an awesome place and I’ve been wondering how we can make it even more wonderful.

And then something happened…

With the 52 Scenes Challenge, we’ve been meeting weekly. It was unexpected but very precious development. In the beginning, I thought it would be nice to teach one class and maybe meet a few people, but that first session was so amazing. We got to see and meet people we had been writing with and writing to for the last few years.

Fast forward to today.

The meetings are magical. I look forward to our weekly sessions. I can’t wait to get together each week and start talking to like-minded people with the same goal.

And then it got me thinking…

I want the 12 Short Stories Community to feel the same way. I want you to experience this on a monthly basis as well. So, the year is almost halfway and I thought it would be a good idea to try something new.

Tell me more, you say.

I love writing, but what I love just as much is teaching. I’d love it if we could get together for an hour and a half every month to learn and write together. This is only still an idea and it would depend on the response, but so far it would include:

  • Six writing sessions of sixty minutes each.
  • Each session includes Q&A with Mia – about thirty minutes.

If there is a demand I’d like to add some short story writing classes as well.

Why should you do it?

It would be an investment in yourself and your writing.


  1. You will feel less alone.
  2. You will hear from and learn from other writers.
  3. Your discipline will improve.
  4. Less last-minute scrambling for a story.
  5. Mia is there every month to teach and guide you.

Who should join?

12 Short Stories members and Write The Crap Out of It members will definitely benefit from monthly sessions. It won’t be poetry specific, but if you are a poet and you’d like to hang out with us you are welcome.


Because this membership will be in development for the next six months I’d like to offer it to you at the best price possible, but not only that, in exchange for your participation in the creation of the membership, your price will remain the same as long as you remain a member. So, when the price is increased in 2022 for new members you will pay the 2021 price.

And, as a special bonus, I’d like to add The Short Story Checklist as a live class in June.

Founding Member Price: $10 per month for the next 6 months.

This pricing will only be available for May 2021. Once we start in June we will not be taking on any new members.


  • It is important that you can attend the sessions and classes live.
  • There will be no replay.
  • Sessions and classes take place via Zoom.
  • The links to the sessions will be emailed monthly.

12 Short Stories challenge will remain free. This will be an additional sign-up.


These are the dates and times I have in mind for the sessions. Each session will take place a week before the short story deadline. (Imagine when deadline day comes around and your story is done…)

Calculate your time zones here.

  • Remember my time zone does not change with the seasons.
  • My city is Johannesburg, South Africa.

Class schedule:

Bonus class – The Short Story Checklist: 3 June 2021

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Writing session 1: 10 June 2021 (SS Deadline: 16 June 2021)

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Writing session 2: 8 July 2021 (SS Deadline: 14 July 2021)

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Writing session 3: 5 August 2021 (SS Deadline: 11 August 2021)

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Writing session 4: 2 September 2021 (SS Deadline: 8 September 2021)

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Writing session 5: 30 September 2021 (SS Deadline: 6 October 2021)

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Writing session 6: 28 October 2021 (SS Deadline: 3 November 2021)

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Writing session 6: 25 November 2021 (SS Deadline: 1 December 2021)

  • (GMT +02:00) 11:00
  • (GMT +02:00) 21:00

Cancellation: You can cancel any time, but then you will no longer qualify for Founding Member Pricing.

How to sign up for the 12 Short Stories Membership:

Existing members: 

Click here or go to Account/Show All Membership Levels – scroll down and select 12 Short Stories Membership

New Members: 

Click here to Register/select 12 Short Stories Challenge and 12 Short Stories Membership.

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