12 Poems Challenge 2020 – Can you write 12 poems in 12 months?

In January 2019 we launched our Poetry Challenge and it was a huge success. We hope you’ll join us for this year. You may be a first-time scribbler of words or a poet laureate, but everyone can benefit from a deadline and some feedback, right?

How will it work:

There will be a deadline every 4th week. You post your poem on the site and read and comment on four other poems. The goal is to have 12 poems at the end of 12 months.

The prompts will vary. A lot. Sometimes there will be more restrictions and sometimes none.

One poem per person.

Please remember: This is not a competition. It’s about discipline, productivity and learning. Not all our poems will be great, but they will at least be written.

How to participate:

  1. Sign up on the deadlinesforwriters.com Website.
  2. If you are already participating in the short story challenge you will need to add the poetry level.
  3. Account/Show All Levels/Add Poetry
  4. Write and submit your poem on the day of the deadline.
  5. Comment on four other poems.

Have you joined the Facebook Group? It’s a great place to stay in touch and chat with other poets. If you prefer not to join Facebook please add us to your address book and keep an eye on your inbox. Email: write@12shortstories.com

Find the First Poetry Prompt for 2020 here.

12 Poems in 12 Months

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Photo: Annie Spratt

Please read How It Works and the FAQs.


  • Some competition rules state that poems must be ‘previously unpublished’. Each site has different definitions of published. Make sure to check before you post.
  • Copyright remains with you.
  • You publish on the site at your own risk.

Here are all the deadlines for 2020: POETRY DEADLINES 2020

Let’s write 12 poems in 12 months.